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Enter the exciting world of paranormal investigation, where history, folklore and the supernatural converge.Learn how to be a super sleuth from Greg Lawson, a longtime paranormal investigator and law enforcement officer, who shows you how to apply crime investigation and detection techniques to the paranormal. Raise your skills and get more out of every investigation!"I love Greg Lawson's unique perspective. As a law enforcement veteran, Greg brings the techniques of criminal detectives into paranormal investigation. His perspective is one that is much needed and long overdue. If you are seriously interested in the supernatural, you need to get your copy of How to Be A Paranormal Detective today!"—Jim Harold, host of The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold's Campfire"Greg Lawson brings much needed insights to the field of paranormal investigating with a book that finally covers the most fascinating aspects of the investigation. How to Be A Paranormal Detective is a fantastic read."—Dave Schrader, host of Midnight in the Desert

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