Ahimsa, Jain Dharma, and Veganism with Dr. Christopher Miller


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On this episode we are joined by Christopher Jain Miller, the co-founder and Vice President of Academic Affairs of Arihanta Academy, a Jain Dharma college. He completed his Ph.D. in the study of Religion at the University of California, Davis and is the academic advisor for the global Jain Vegan Initiative. Chris and Hope dig deep into the parallel philosophies of Jain dharma and vegan living. They explore the concept of Ahimsa, Sanskrit for non-violence, and how young Jains are seeing veganism as a way to practice their principle of non-harming in a modern context. They also discuss Arihanta Academy, a new online Jain college, and Hope’s class in starting Sept 24 called Ahimsa, Animal Advocacy and Veganism.


Arihanta Academy

Hope’s Class- Ahimsa, Animal Advocacy, and Veganism
Chris' Classes- Jain Philosophy in Daily Life, Yoga Sūtra: The Classical Yoga of Patañjali
Instagram- @thejainveganinitiative

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