Herstory of a Mid-West Girl (ft. Klohee Meza!)


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“You can only lie about who you are for so long without going crazy.” — Ellen Wittlinger

Hands on our knees, back on our THOT SH*T! The Thotful Moment is where we have THOughT provoking conversations about topics that have impacted our life.

This week, J & Lesly are back for PART TWO with their amazing friend KLOHEE MEZA aka Elisa Mondova! Last Thotful Moment, we talked about how she gets the bag but this week we get personal. We talk about growing up latina in a small kansas town, hardships when she decided to transition and some wise words of advice for the baby girls, gays and theys!

Every Wednesday we rotate between 3 segments called: Thotful Moment, Double Feature and some Science Sh*t! But this Saturday we recap & review… Avatar: The Last Airbender!

A ‘o ia!!



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