How Homeschooling Can Alleviate Sibling Rivalries and Conflicts | An Interview with Dr. Steve Duvall


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When you homeschool, your family naturally spends more time together. And, more time together means more opportunities for conflict. But according to Dr. Steve Duvall (HSLDA Research Director), homeschooling can actually help alleviate sibling rivalries and conflicts!. In this episode of Homeschool Talks, join Dr. Duvall and Jim Mason (HSLDA President) as they discuss research that sheds light on parent­–child interactions, the value of communication, and how homeschooling can foster positive character attributes in children—like exercising more forgiveness!

“It makes sense to me that homeschoolers would develop better interpersonal skills and be better at interacting with others, including forgiving others for times when things got out of control. The parents have the time, and it’s a good set up for giving the kids the attention that they need.”—Steve Duvall

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