Chapter XI - Mike Staff


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Part One: (Running Time: 14:15)

The usual host Mike Staff is the focus of this discussion as WRIF’s Meltdown talks to Mike about his journey from Central to Specs Howard. Through WJR, WLLZ, WKLT, CD 106 and finally WRIF.

Part Two: (Running Time: 28:17)

Mike Staff reveals what it was like to live his dream of working at WRIF alongside Arthur P., Steve Kostan, Anne Carlini, Doug Podell and Drew & Mike. Plus his interviewing experiences with Alex Van Halen. Armored Saint and Sammy Hagar.

Part Three: (Running Time: 47:46)

Some of Mike most memorable moments on the air including the O.J. Verdict, Sam Kinison’s death, interactions with Kiss, Pink Floyd, and his friendship with Motley Crew.

Part Four: (Running Time: 61:48)

Mike Staff literally knocks himself out on the air? Plus some of his finest radio memories and what hosting this podcast has meant to him.


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2. Mike Staff Part 3 (00:28:17)

3. Mike Staff Part 4 (00:47:46)

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