Chapter X - Meltdown


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Part One: (Running Time: 12:31)

Afternoon Drive host Meltdown talks about growing up outside of Buffalo and getting the call to move to Detroit to work at WRIF at age 26 and the idea of being born in Buffalo but made in Detroit.

Part Two: (Running Time: 24:12)

  • Meltdown reveals the story behind his nickname, working as a custodian calling into radio stations, his first radio gigs, his other nickname for a while The Big Unit and 3rd shifter parties.

Part Three: (Running Time: 35:02)

  • A conversation of working overnights at WRIF for two years, live broadcasts, Harleyfest, Hockey and a few of his famous friends.

Part Four: (Running Time: 58:53)

  • Meltdown’s crossovers with Arthur P. moving into the afternoon drive spot in 2009, his interviewing style and the Talkin’ Rock Podcast.

Part Five: (Running Time: 74:55)

  • Mike and Meltdown wrap up the fireside chat with rock star stories and tales of interviews both good and bad.


1. Part 2 With Meltdown (00:12:31)

2. Part 3 With Meltdown (00:24:12)

3. Part 4 With Meltdown (00:34:44)

4. Part 5 With Meltdown (00:58:35)

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