Chapter III – Karen Savelly


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Part One: (Total Time: 11:25) Karen’s journey growing up in Detroit and going to school at Wayne State. The collage years working at WAYN, WDTE and WWWW. Karen’s four years at W4 and three at WABX leading to her spot at WRIF. Part Two: (Total Time: 25:27) Working in the old broadcast trailer and the 80s all-star lineup at the Riff. Karen’s long relationship with Bob Seger, having dinner with Queen and seeing The Who at the Silverdome. Part Three: (Total Time: 38:11) Working with J., George, Ken Calvert, Arthur P. and Steve Kostan. A short run doing the morning show on WRIF with Lynne Woodison. Seeing Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker at the old Eastown and being recruited to WCSX. Part Four: (Total Time: 42:44) The Van Halen interview that included the whole band and a few strippers. The post Chapter III – Karen Savelly appeared first on WRIF Rocks Detroit.

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