Queen Elizabeth (then Princess) Comforts UK Children-1940


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S04-E02 We feature Queen Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) in her first radio speech. In 1940, at just 13 years of age, Princess Elizabeth spoke briefly with listeners throughout the commonwealth and the U.S through a BBC children’s radio program. It was a morale-boosting message to fellow young people affected by the devastating German air attacks and threats of invasion during the early part of World War II. She spoke with a maturity far beyond her young age to inspire hope for the children, some of which have been forced to evacuate from the British cities to the countryside or to other countries including the U.S.

I provide several PDF documents in addition to this audio episode: First, a biography of Princess Elizabeth who would in just a few years become Queen Elizabeth II. Second, an overview of the British civilians, both young and old, who were evacuated from Britain to other countries. Third, an overview of the civilians who trekked to the British countryside to avoid the German air attacks. And fourth, an overview of the BBC Children’s Hour radio show where Princess Elizabeth delivered her short speech.

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