Exercise Triggers Muscle to Burn Fat Via Newly Discovered Mechanism


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Scientists discover how resistance exercise triggers muscle tissue to signal fat cells to release stored energy (fat). We discuss these details and new research about how muscle mass and muscle quality are linked with improved metabolic flexibility.

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01:31 Marbled unhealthy muscle (Myosteatosis) is characteristic of insulin resistance. 03:12 There is a strong correlation between metabolic health and the degree of muscle fatness. 05:35 Obese study subjects had significantly higher levels of poor-quality muscle, which was independently associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome. 05:50 Muscle Fatness/Obesity/Bone Loss is osteosarcopenic obesity. 09:30 Lifting to failure means that you cannot do another. 10:44 With intense exercise, muscle was able to signal white adipose tissue via an extra-cellular vesical, causing increased sensitization to catecholamine stimulation of lipolysis. 11:48 Lipolysis is the release of energy. 12:30 The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. 12:55 Pushing your muscles to failure can directly enhance your fat cell’s ability to release stored energy. 13:00 Fat oxidation occurs within the mitochondria within muscle tissue and liver. 13:30 Many fat lipids are recycled. This recycling declines as you become more insulin resistant. 14:37 Healthy skeletal muscle contributes to whole body glucose metabolism, leptin levels and insulin sensitivity.

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