Witchcraft: Could Witchcraft Be An Ancient Form Of Technology?


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For the past couple of weeks Isaac and I have been tossing around this idea about witchcraft and could it possibly be a form of ancient technology to kind of hack or go deeper into the spiritual realm? We saw a couple videos on Tik Tok tip toeing into the concept and we immediately wanted to cover it for an episode! This episode is all about that concept! We look into how using practices like Scrying and even the effect of necromancy and how it can or does coincides with communicating with the paranormal and how that has developed over time as well as certain spells that have helped people communicate with the other side more effectively in an intent of good and bad. We also cover a bit into why we have been MIA for a bit over the past couple of weeks. Feels good to be back and we hope you enjoy this episode!

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