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Hitting over 315,000 followers, and over 3.1 Million likes Cosmic Miggy is taking over the paranormal side of Tik Tok by storm. Miggy has been tapping into the paranormal side of Tik Tok for a bit now! With Tik Toks on various paranormal subjects such as Scariest Places on Earth, UFO's, Bragg Lights, Mermaids, Multiverse, and of course La Llorona. He has engulfed a new audience in the paranormal field.
In this episode Isaac interviews paranormal Tik Toker Cosmic Miggy. Join Isaac and Miggy as they talk about their paranormal experience, and the first ever experience Miggy had intriguing him into the paranormal. Also Miggy talks about a lot of intense experiences he has had including one about a gnome and a family member of his.
Make sure to check out Miggy on his social media and Tik Tok to learn more about the paranormal!
How to Find Miggy!
Tik Tok: @cosmicmiggy
Instagram: Cosmic Miggy
Youtube: Cosmic Miggy

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