Work Tech Weekly - Episode 29 - Easiest Way to Grow Work Tech Sales in 2023


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Longer sales cycles, higher costs of customer acquisition, and lots of churn - that’s what 2022 is typically like for lots of work tech companies. How can you adapt your sales to the new buying behavior in the work tech market? What should you change to appeal to sophisticated buyers? How should you respond to the slowing economy?

In this episode, we talk about why your work tech sales might be slower in 2022 and how to fix it in 2023.

“you already have had or haven't had a good harvest season, whether you know it or not. Because all the work that was required to make it happen was the entire year leading up to it” - Bret Starr

What we discussed:

(02:05) Phillies winning = recession?!?!

(05:59) When is harvest season in work tech?

(09:29) Will your sales go up this year?

(16:14) What to do if you don’t hit your sales targets this year

(23:44) Why some work tech companies don’t grow

(33:00) Work tech growth opportunities 2023

(38:55) Marketing lead = chief customer officer

3 things to remember:

  • Harvest season is the season of a business when sales are expected to be at their highest. In work tech, sales are at their highest between October and early January of any given year.
  • This year, work tech companies are more focused on increasing the customer lifetime value of their current customers than they are focused on acquiring new clients.
  • Work tech companies that will experience high growth in the next few years are the ones who understand the limitations of the sales-driven, product-driven, and customer success-driven models of growing a business. The future belongs to companies that have a holistic model of growth and those that understand that neither sales nor product, marketing, or customer success exist in their own silo.

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