#22 Unusual Tech Jobs with Brian David Hall


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Brian David Hall is an expert in conversion optimization. He's a software engineer by training, runs his own company, and is the host of the SaaS Experiments Podcast, where he talks to other experts in growth marketing. We talked about the unusual tech jobs he's had that helped him learn other skills beyond coding.

You can use your skills in other areas like Marketing and Sales to transition to a tech job instead of throwing away your current expertise. Learning how to code on top of your existing skills will give you superpowers!

If you want to transition into a tech job, you can start by solving problems for your current company. By doing this, you'll build a portfolio, get real-world experience, stand out from other candidates that only know how to code but have no experience in other areas.

You can also look for a "weird tech job", which is a job that involves coding but is not a developer role at a tech company.

You can find the coupon to Brian's new e-book on the Show Notes (link below) plus some highlights and transcripts!

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