Ep 35 - Paul Unslaved | Upholding Universal Law


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Here For The Truth hosted by Joel Rafidi and Yerasimos Stilianessis

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Paul Unslaved is a man who upholds universal law. He seeks the truth in order to be set free from different forms of bondage as well as to aid his fellow man and woman in the same pursuit.

His life's work is to secure rights and freedom by standing in love and speaking eternal truth as he understands it.

In this episode Paul breaks down what universal law is, what it means to live in ignorance and what will be necessary moving forward as we navigate this changing world.

Topics covered:

The path to wisdom. What keeps people from changing? Rising up from the dark night of the soul. America, then and now. Universal and Common Law. Understanding the law to navigate current times. Willing compliance with tyranny. Preparing for what may come. The necessity of facing your fears. The decline of civilization. Learning from ancient wisdom. Art imitating life. Language, etymology and critical thinking.


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