200: How to Grow An Audience of Buyers on Social Media (Without Buying Expensive Ads)


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How can you create an audience of buyers on social media - without buying expensive ads?

In this episode, I share a training I recently did for our HerBusiness community.

I give you four things you can do NOW to start growing a profitable audience on social media without spending money on ads and even if, up until now, you haven’t been able to turn many of your followers into buyers.

I think you’ll find this four-part process really easy to implement. While it’s not simple, it’s a formula that our HerBusiness Network Members use daily to get new clients and use social media more strategically.

Because who has time to spend a lot of time posting and going live and sharing… if it’s not going to lead people to become customers, eventually? Plus, I will share how you can land your next client next week when you join me for our fabulous “Get New Clients” Coaching program.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to ‘show up’ so that your ideal clients know that you are the right solution for the challenge they are experiencing and the solution they are seeking
  • Why knowing and understanding your ideal client deeply is an essential step in turning followers, readers, subscribers and prospects into buyers.
  • The four things you MUST say when you introduce yourself (in person, in your emails, on your website, on social platforms) to instantly create a connection with your ideal clients so that they want to buy from you
  • Why you’re missing out on sales and not getting people saying “YES”
  • Go from feeling uncomfortable asking for the sale to effortlessly owning your value

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