199: How to “Show Up” for your potential clients without looking PUSHY


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Getting new clients often starts with Showing Up.

You're visible when you're showing up, putting your hand up for things, and saying yes to opportunities.

SHOWING UP is about knowing what your GOALS and VISION are - where the goalposts are.

That means you KNOW HOW TO POSITION YOURSELF and explain what you do in a way that demonstrates how you help people.

This means you know who YOUR IDEAL CLIENT is.

You're clear on their pain points and HOW YOU HELP resolve them.

And you have a way that you help them that GETS RESULTS.

In addition, you're prepared to invest in getting to know others and building rapport and how you can help them.

And you get in the game with an OPEN MINDSET, open to OPPORTUNITIES and COLLABORATION.

So, how do you get there?

You have a PLAN, and an intention for the RESULTS YOU WANT to get.

You're clear on your strengths and what you bring to the situation.

And you show up prepared.

But, SHOWING UP isn't always easy, even for the most outgoing women.

SHOWING UP CONSISTENTLY can be tricky, too, when we have so many competing demands.

You'll enjoy this episode if you want to:

  • Move from feeling isolated to feeling connected
  • Feel like you're shouting into a vacuum any time you want to promote your products or services
  • Want to finally feel comfortable that you have value to offer and that your ideal clients are waiting for you to show up
  • Go from feeling uncomfortable to feeling like there's always a friend in the room when you are at networking events

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