197: How to Stop Being the One Making EVERY Decision in Your Business


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To grow your business, you have to stop being the one making every business decision. Making ALL the decisions is exhausting.

And if you've ever gotten to the end of the day and thought… "Oh… I can't even decide what I want for dinner. Someone just feed me, please! And bring me a glass of wine while you're at it."… you might be suffering from decision fatigue.

Being stuck making all the decisions is a common pain point for small business owners (especially if you're a solopreneur). You stop being the one who has to make EVERY SINGLE DECISION by putting the right systems and processes in place for your marketing, planning, your team, and more.

Inside of HerBusiness, we have a framework called the HerBusiness Growth Zones®. It's a framework that helps you focus on what will help your business grow and succeed. And, it is essential to go from being a solopreneur to growing a small business and then on to being an entrepreneur with a growing and scalable business.

We've used these 8 Growth Zones as the basis for our business success. They are also the foundation for our mentoring programs, which we've been running since 1998. So we know they work.

One of those Growth Zones is PEOPLE.

The People Growth Zone incorporates how you hire people, train them, motivate them and even decide when it's the right time to grow or shrink your team.

It also relates to your extended team - consultants, designers, copywriters - your bookkeeper - all the people that support you in getting things done and whom you need to lead and motivate. And you may have experienced some "people" challenges in your business.

Either not having enough people, so you keep getting pulled into doing the low-level work, or not feeling like you can afford people, or not sure how to train them. Or perhaps you are on the brink of hiring a team and want to know how to avoid the heartache and expense that can come when you don't get this right.

Regardless, changing how you think about decisions, what you do (and what you don't) decide and your mindset around getting others to help make decisions is the core of this episode.

Because you can't do everything yourself. Not if you want to grow a sustainable, profitable business.

You'll enjoy this episode if you want to:

  • Stop doing everything yourself
  • Move out of the 'technician' role (where you do everything) to the manager or leader role
  • Spend more time working ON your business than IN your business
  • Stop being exhausted from decision fatigue
  • Have time to do some of the things you don't currently have time for because you're so busy

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