193: You CAN Choose Your Ideal Clients


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In this episode of the HerBusiness podcast, I share with you how to discover WHO your IDEAL Client is so that you can easily find MORE ideal clients just like them and know exactly where to look for them and have them buy from you sooner.

Because now you finally feel clear and confident about what products and services to offer and who you serve.

EVERYTHING in your business becomes clearer and more focused when you know who your Ideal Client is.

It helps you answer one of THE MOST important questions you will ever ask in your Business which is:

“How do I get MORE clients?”

Discovering who your IDEAL Client is STARTS with CHOOSING your IDEAL Client.

Yep, getting clear on WHO you want to work with and who you don’t.

Because while working with the wrong clients may not be life-threatening, it can make you pretty miserable!

And I’m going to take you through that process in today’s episode so that you can channel your time and focus on your ideal clients.

Even if you’ve been in Business for a while and you ALREADY have a fair idea of who your perfect customer is, this process will still benefit you.

In this podcast, I will also share the universal process every one of your IDEAL clients goes through when thinking about buying from you… and how you can use that inside knowledge to ensure MORE people buy from you MORE often.

Once you know this universal process that everyone goes through whenever they buy ANYTHING, you’ll have this knowledge FOR LIFE, and you can apply it again and again.

It’s like seeing inside your customer’s mind.

It’s such an essential piece of the puzzle to have a marketing strategy that works.

It’s like someone has already given you the answers to an exam or revealed the secret code to a puzzle. And it puts you SO far ahead.

Because when you can get a repeatable, reliable marketing system in place, you have the cornerstone of your IDEAL Business…

Because regular clients mean regular income, you can stop the stress of having up and down lumpy cash flow - that pattern of good months and bad months that we so often experience as small business owners.

AND you have a solid financial base which means you can make confident decisions on things like…

  • How and when to get some support and grow your team
  • When to step back a little and not work so hard
  • or whether you will expand into that new office or buy that extra piece of equipment

And a thousand other decisions become EASIER and CLEARER because you’ve got that regular, reliable income coming in day in and day out.

So, to recap… I’ll show you how to get clear on your IDEAL Client AND crack the code on the buying process every single one of your customers goes through when thinking about buying from you…

Sound good? Let’s dive in.

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