192: The Ideal Marketing System for Your Business


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I’m sure you’ll agree that trying to grow a successful business isn’t as simple as some people make it seem.

Running a business doesn’t feel ideal AT ALL most of the time.

On any given day, you might need to deal with...

  • Getting the right team and support around you
  • Juggling finances
  • Creating Systems
  • Making Decisions about Technology

Then there’s. Planning - How do you find the time to get a plan together…

And of course, the BIG ONE - Marketing - finding clients, clarifying your message, knowing what content to send to who and when - so many things to focus on

Exhausted yet? It’s a lot, right?

That’s really why I developed the IDEAL Business System. Because I saw so many women become completely side-tracked while trying to grow their business and create the lifestyles they wanted.

If you find yourself frequently cutting your prices, accepting lower fees, or spending a lot more time delivering a service than you’d planned… this episode is for you.

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