182: The Easy Way to Speak Up About Your Business


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If you avoid sounding salesy or pushy, so you don't speak up about your business — this episode is for you. Every day I see women missing out on new clients because they don't know how to speak up about their business. So, they:
  • Post on social media hoping that people will look, comment and buy
  • Spend a ton of money on a website, but we don't have the traffic, so the site doesn't do the job of converting visitors into clients.
  • They are left paying for ads to promote courses, lead magnets, online challenges… and burning a hole in their pockets.
In this episode, I'm giving you access to the secret sauce that has helped so many of our HerBusiness Network members get new clients and ultimately grow more profitable, sustainable businesses without the overwhelm and without having to spend a dollar.

When you use this four-part system, you'll be in the perfect position to land your next client without it feeling awkward trying to explain what you do or speaking up to let people know about your excellent products or services.

And, join me for our upcoming Get New Clients Coaching Week from 7-11 March 2022.

I'll coach you through my go-to blueprint for landing your next client without having to cold call; even if you don't have an email list, you find it hard to explain what you do, or you find yourself backing away from asking for the sale.

Click here to join me at Coaching Week.

By the end of this coaching week, you'll know how to find the right people and speak confidently about your business without feeling like you're being salesy.

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