178: Behind the Scenes of our House and Garden Magazine Feature


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Last month my home was the feature story in Australian House & Garden, the leading home design magazine in the country. Pretty cool, yes?

The house looks fantastic, and the story was ten pages of prime real estate in a magazine with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Plus, we got some bonus exposure when they decided to do a question, and answer story with me, asking me about my inspirations, HerBusiness, and my design likes and dislikes.

They also included our business name and my personal story, which is publicity that would typically cost $$$$$$$ to buy.

I love my home, and it looked gorgeous in the magazine. I’ve lived there for seven years now. But when we bought it, it was an old warehouse, dilapidated and in need of gutting and rebuilding. We put a lot of love and effort and heart into it and a lot of our vision.

We had a team of people - architects, builders, tradespeople, designers all working with us to help make the final product the mirror of what we imagined our home to look like when finished.

And, every single day, I appreciate my home.

I appreciate the light.


The location.

The rooms that I love to entertain.

The rooms that I chill out.

We designed each room very deliberately.

And it’s not just really functional for my lifestyle; it’s also impressive to look at.

And the House and Garden publishers loved it.

But, here’s the thing.

There was a WHOLE LOT that was happening behind the scenes that DIDN’T make it into the magazine.

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