171: The Best Way to Get Coaching From Me


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Over the years I’ve been asked so many times if I'd mentor and coach women. And, to be honest. With so many women looking for support, it’s just not feasible for me to do that effectively and still serve my high-paying clients.

So, I’ve reserved the high-level input and coaching for the women inside of the HerBusiness Network and in our high-level Marketing Success Mastermind program.

That's until now.

I have decided to spend a week helping as many women as I can on one particular issue that I see over and over again. And, that is the issue of not being sure how to get new clients.

That issue can come done to any one of these reasons:

  • You don’t know where to find clients
  • You’re not convincing people to buy
  • You’re struggling to find your niche
  • You don’t know how to price yourself
  • You have a rollercoaster of good and bad months
  • You have been impacted by the economy or,
  • You have trouble getting yourself out there and talking about your business

I dive into these reasons in episode 170 of this podcast.

Today I want to give you a chance to get coaching from me on how to easily:

  • Always have A WAITLIST OF CLIENTS ready to buy your product or service... even if up until now you haven't been able to FIND the RIGHT PEOPLE
  • Go from always giving away free stuff to CONFIDENTLY asking for the sale and GETTING CLIENTS ON BOARD with your products and services
  • GET MORE REFERRALS and word-of-mouth clients without attracting tyre-kickers
  • Clearly communicate your value, CHARGE THE PRICES YOU'RE WORTH and ask for the sale... even if you don't find it easy to talk about what you do
  • Get in front of more of YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS and know EXACTLY what to say to win the sale... without access to a big social media following or email list
  • TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS in an authentic way that has people know, like and trust you... without ever sounding boring or feel like you're RAMBLING
  • Clarify your message and finally communicate how AWESOME your product or service REALLY is, and have clients really see YOUR point of difference...
  • Consistently get new clients... all WITHOUT SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY and without needing any high-tech equipment or expensive consultants...
  • Create A NETWORK OF REFERRALS and advocates for your business...
  • Develop a steady flow of QUALIFIED PROSPECTS for your business... without attracting tyre-kickers or people who want the free stuff but won't pay you what you're worth
  • FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE and ENGAGED talking about the value you can bring to others... differentiating yourself and clearly communicating what you sell and how you get results for your clients

I’ve put together a new program called the Get New Clients Coaching Week. We have hundreds of women who are joining me and I’d love for you to join me too.

From 8 - 14 March, I’m making myself available to be YOUR coach.

I’ve built so much value into the week. Every day I’ll have a lesson for you AND a couple of steps to take so that you build each day your Connection Network.

A Connection Network is not about networking events or icky networking.

It’s about creating a group of contacts and relationships that lets you get new clients at any time even if you don’t have an email list, you find it hard to explain what you do, or you find yourself backing away from asking for the sale.

So I’ll be giving you coaching. And accountability.

We kick off on Monday, 14 March with Lesson 1: 3 Steps to Getting New Clients

Land your next client next week at Coaching Week.

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