161: Do Less and Obsess to See More Results in Your Business


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What if working longer hours does not mean working more productively?

What if doing more marketing, more promotions doesn’t lead to more dollars in your bank account at the end of the month?

What if you could do a whole lot LESS and get MORE results?

Morten Hanson is a management professor at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, and an author of several books. In his book, Great at Work, he argues that you can get more out of doing less, something you will be glad to hear if you have ever felt a twinge of guilt or anxiety about not working seven days a week to grow your business.

Or, doing ALL the things. Being on all the social platforms. Trying all the latest marketing tactics.

Professor Hansen coined the mantra ‘do less, then obsess’, which suggests that by focusing more on fewer tasks, we achieve better results.

What this can translate to for us as business owners are that focusing on fewer things - products and services, times a year that we do promotions, social media platforms that we are a part of... we can actually get better results.

It can seem kind of counter-intuitive. But it’s an idea that I’ve been teaching inside of our HerBusiness Network our members are loving it.

Listen to discover:

  • Why we ditched one of our most popular marketing initiatives in 2021
  • How to overcome bright-shiny object syndrome by doing less
  • Why doubling-down on what’s working is the first things you should plan for
  • The way to stand out from your competition by doing less and serving a tighter niche in your industry
  • How to make MORE profit from the products and services you already sell
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