Releasing Expectations: Experience Real Freedom and Peace from Judgement, Unreal Outcomes and Disappointments


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Do you experience times in your life that you want to do something- but you feel the weight of other's expectations on your life? Do you feel lost in who you are because you haven't separated expectations from reality? We go through life (and it is NOT easy) making choices. But, if we are not intentional about our choices, we may fall into the trap of doing things because they are "expected" rather than what is really in our hearts. No more, my friend! In this 3 part series, I talk about releasing the expectations- the expectations from yourself and the ones placed on us from others.

Who should we look to for the path we should be taking or what journey we should follow?

Well, turn in over the next 3 weeks. I hope you find peace and confidence in setting down what outcomes you were shooting for, and deciding the journey is just as important (if not MORE important) than the outcome.

Be free, my friend! Let go of expectations, let go of disappointments- Let Go and be free to listen to the subtle whisper, the tug of your heart, and the voice in your head that says- go another way!

My name is Tami and I am a Restoration and Confidence Coach. I am a Marriage and Family therapist turned life coach and I love it. I love working with women (and a few men) who want more from life- who are ready to move their tragedy from the center of their story to just being part of their story and reclaiming their identity. If you connect with anything that I'm saying, I would love to talk with you.

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It is important that as we walk this journey we are on we have a community- we have a group of women who are all working toward full restoration and not stuck in the circumstances of life. Come join us! Come be a part of a tribe that is going to change how we see hardship!

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