Her Restored Spirit-Restoration, Living with Purpose and Joy, Hope after Trauma, and Healing after Loss for the Broken-Spirited Mom


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Hi Friend! I am so excited that you are here to check out Her Restored Spirit Podcast. I, like you, have been through some tough circumstances and trials. I am a widowed mom and I remember what it feels like to emerge from the fog to discover that my loss is not the center of my story but it actually instilled in me a new hope, a new understanding of faith, and a new strengthening in my heart, soul, and motherhood. I have finally understood that God has taken my test and formed it into my testimony and that is why I am here with you. I want you to step into your purpose, into a few found joy, and to turn a new page in your book because I believe you are on the brink of full restoration; unlocking a confidence that you didn’t know was inside you and understanding how to live more fruitfully with purpose, joy, and permission to be washed in possibility. It is time Friend- to reclaim YOUR restored spirit. I believe that there is hope in every situation and wisdom in every trial when we take time to reflect. In this podcast you will find a foundation of faith, empowerment, and inspiration for the next steps of your journey. You’ll find self-care and confidence hacks that will enable you to bravely move towards a destiny full of life. We will talk about fears, dreams, goals, and habits. I want you to reclaim your identity as a woman and stop putting yourself last. We know that when we and take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to take care of those around us, but it is not easy to put into action. I want to encourage you and give you practical tips to do just that. We will go into the Enneagram and other personality-mapping tools to better understand yourself and your children. Using my background as a Marriage and Family Therapist, we will talk about the brain and how to rewire your thoughts to have a growth mindset. I will walk the journey with you and bring along some amazing people who are also walking this path towards full restoration. We will laugh, we will cry, but most of all we will cheer each other on to success. I want you to find your purpose and confidence so you can reclaim your joy and rewrite a new story for your beautiful life. My friend- You are worthy of a restored spirit. Are you ready for a restored spirit and want to be coached by me? Send me an email at tami@tamimariecoaching.com or you can find me on Facebook at @tamimariecoaching or Instagram @tamimariecoaching. I can’t wait to hear your story and help you discover the hope and opportunity available to you.

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