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Have you had a family financial planning conversation? The type of conversation where you discuss the things we don’t want to think about or shy away from talking about. This can include from making decisions on how do we want to be cared for if we become incapacitated to how can we invest more in real estate as a family? Money can be a difficult subject to talk about with your family even in our Latino community. Today, our community is betting on a future where we want to be more financially prepared and literate for what tomorrow brings, for us and our family. That's why our special guest for this episode, Lyanne Alfaro, is here to share with us about how she has approached financial planning with her family, what has worked for her, and some approaches that helped her have these family financial conversations.

Lyanne Alfaro is a first- gen Latina, NYC journalist turned multi-hyphenate, passionate about exploring the Latino influence in the world of business.

You will also hear the following in today’s episode:

  • The moment that started the financial planning conversation in her family and which family member actually initiated it .
  • Some approaches that have made the family financial conversation easier.
  • What she has observed over the past few years and her thoughts on what has led our community to take an interest in financial literacy.
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