Video artist Arthur Jafa on actualizing Black potential, part 1


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I don't want to be the prisoner in a box, even if it's a box I made.

For over 30 years, American visual artist and cinematographer Arthur Jafa has captured the histories and experiences of Black Americans with projects that exemplify both the universal and particular facets of Black life.

In this masterclass in Black thought — the first episode in a two-part series — Jafa shares a free-from improvisation through his breadth of knowledge and understanding of visual culture — embedded with all the references, rhetorics, and personal reflections of someone who has spent a lifetime dedicated to centralizing the varied experiences of Black Being.

Charlie Parker

John Coltrane

Ornette Coleman

Culture Strike

Laura Raicovich

Christina Sharpe

Hortense Spillers

Ultralight Beam - Kanye West

Love is the Message, The Message is Death - Arthur Jafa

John Henrik Clark

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jimi Hendrix

Cecil Taylor


Women in Love

Burnt Sugar

Butch Morris

Muddy Waters

Carl Hancock Rux

Virgil Abloh



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