Heavy Cardboard Episode 151: Obsession Review with Tony Makos


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This week Tony Makos joins Edward Uhler to talk about Obsession… for Board Gamers. This lovely mid-weight euro takes you on a time travelling journey to VICTORIAN England where you manage an Estate. Is it good? Is it bad? Come and find out!

Time Stamps:

0:58 Welcome

1:54 Obsession for Men

4:27 Obsession for Board Gamers

8:56 This is NOT Downton Abbey the Board Game

13:20 Rules Overhead

31:00 Luck and Randomness

40:33 Game Length

46:12 Gettin’ It

52:22 Overall Weight

55:10 Components, Graphic Design, Artwork

1:16:22 Why is it Enjoyable?

1:22:00 Solo Mode/Game Variants

1:43:15 What Not to Like

1:53:02 BGG Comments

2:00:16 Rating

2:05:49 Wrap Up

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