Ep 91 Elle Ramos - Instruments for Willoughby Fine Arts Girl Scout Gold Award Project


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Elle collected and refurbished instruments for the Willoughby Fine Arts program to provide the opportunity for students to participate in the program.

More about Elle:

Eleanor Ramos has been involved in Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio for 11, going on 12, years! Girl Scouts has played such a huge role in her life, from making friends, to building leadership skills, to making lifelong connections that have brought such unique opportunities. Some of her favorite Girl Scout memories include singing camp songs, selling cookies, and camping with her Troop. Eleanor is a rising senior in high school and a two-time, honors college graduate. She holds a degree in psychology and a degree in science. After graduating high school, Eleanor will double major in Science in Nursing and Biomedical Engineering on a pre-medical school track. While in medical school, she wants her focus to be on neuroscience, emergency medicine, or molecular genetics, and biology. Fun fact: To make her S’mores unique, Eleanor makes them with apple slices instead of graham crackers!



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