Ep 86 Kate Kinard - Triathlon Girl Scout Gold Award Project


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Kate created a 6 week camp and triathlon encouraged youth to explore a new sport

More from Kate:

I have been a Girl Scout for 11 years, starting when I was five. Now at sixteen, I am a student-athlete who participates in Civil Air Patrol as squadron First Sergeant, and a Girl Scout Senior who volunteers with younger troops. As a military child, I have had many opportunities in different scouting councils such as the Las Vegas and Nation’s Capital councils. This military life has allowed me to travel and gain knowledge from new experiences. I am working to complete high school with high academic standing with the goal of attending Oregon State University for Marine Biology. I also look to participate in ROTC during college and commission as a pilot for the United States Air Force.

Project summary: My project was created to introduce young girls to a new life-sustainable sport and how to care for their bodies. I worked with experts in athletics, nutrition, and physical fitness to create a mother-daughter 6 week triathlon camp. I joined with the Osan Fitness Center to add a youth triathlon to the summer series. This attracted families from Osan Air Base, Camp Humphreys Garrison, and Seoul. The 6 week camp and triathlon encouraged youth to explore a new sport, look at nutrition in a healthy way, and to seek ways to be active year round.


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