Ep 71 Kaia Armas - Mindfulness and Meditation Matters Girl Scout Gold Award Project


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Kaia created a website focused on Mindfulness and Meditation.

My name is Kaia Armas. I have been a member of Girl Scouts USA since I was in Grade 1. That makes it 12 years! I earned my Bronze and Silver Awards when I lived in New York. When I moved to Seattle, I joined an awesome troop and completed my Gold Award on Mindfulness and Meditation focused mainly on teens and young adults. I graduated this past June, and am currently attending the University of Washington. I think I am going to major in Communications with a minor in Informatics. I am continuing to learn new meditation and mindfulness techniques and am finding a way everyday to incorporate some type of mindfulness or meditation practice into my schedule. In my free time when I’m not doing anything Girl Scout related, I love to drawing, writing, skiing, golfing, swimming and sailing. For the past 4 years I have been a competitive sailor, and now I’m able to continue now with the UW sail team. Website link: Mindfulness and Meditation Matters - What is Mindfulness

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