Find a Unicorn in Government-Funded IP


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Are you looking for an innovative technology to bring to market that will launch a new company,
improve a product line, or diversify your product offerings? In this Kitsap Business Forum, you’ll
learn how to discover and access a pool of untapped government-funded intellectual property
(IP)—readily available to move to Washington state-based industries as well as those across
the U.S. You’ll realize how easy it is to work with a government organization as Sara demystifies
the technology transfer and licensing process. To inspire your thinking, Sara also will describe
just a sampling of clean energy technologies that could be deployed in the Pacific Northwest.
Sara Hunt, Commercialization Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sara Hunt is a commercialization manager for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) located in the Seattle office. She is responsible for identifying promising PNNL-developed technologies, overseeing technology development and demonstration, securing intellectual property assets, marketing novel technologies, and negotiating business terms to transfer technologies to private industry where they can be matured into commercial products and services. The technology portfolio Sara manages includes advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental monitoring.

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