Episode 58 Finding the Goldmine In the Gap


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In this interactive Master Class, “Elaine, the Brain” will help you discover the gap in your business. Once you discover that gap, you will find your Goldmine! Be sure to grab your printable workbook on her website: https://www.elaineturso.com/freebie.
How to use your previous customers/clients to discover the gap
How to create marketing campaigns to attract the gap
How to set your company apart by serving the gap
Elaine Turso (aka “Elaine, the Brain”) is a creative business mentor and entrepreneur. Sometimes using colorful sentence enhancers, she will challenge you to get out of your own way and get things done.
Elaine is a trained “Dare to Lead” professional, managing director of Polka Dot Powerhouse Diamond membership, and cofounder of the 83/38 Collective. Mindset, education, and accountability are the foundational pillars that have contributed to her success.

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