Episode 56 Staying Connected in a Disconnected World


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As an entrepreneur or community leader, how do you navigate feelings of loneliness, disagreement, or frustration of an unshared reality while growing your business?
Join us in a lively dialogue with Business Energy Coach Anna Choi, Founder of Conscious Business Coaching and Kristal Thomas, Host of Heartbeat of Kitsap, a Silverdale Chamber Uplift Kitsap event, where you’ll learn ways you can
More easily process emotional stress to stay calm with your family and friends
Simple exercises to stay grounded and connected within
Value your fears when there’s division to create unifying conversations
Anna Choi
Anna S. Choi, Business Energy Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Forbes Author is committed to elevating humanity’s consciousness by empowering conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus their energy, magnify their presence, and find peace in chaos.
​As a broke art major, zero experience or connections, she started her first business as a financial planner grossing six figures by age 25. Burned out from the hustle and grind, she pursued energy mastery becoming a martial artist, yoga instructor, and brain education leader. She is now helping high achieving business leaders grow in flow, align their energy, and embody yin-based leadership for themselves and their teams.

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