Episode 54 Emotional Self-Management for Optimal Wellbeing


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While COVID-19 brought us some mammoth life changes, it certainly is not the first event that we have experienced feelings of loss, grief, stress, or emotional challenge. Life is full of opportunities that allow us to experience any, if not all, of those feelings. During this Uplift Kitsap, we’ll explore emotional self-management and how you can more intentionally equip yourself despite difficult circumstances. You’ll learn tools and techniques that can help you feel calmer during life’s storms.
Meet Your Presenter
Lesli Dullum Tutterrow
Lesli Dullum Tutterrow, LMT, CC, CBHC
Chief Wellness Officer, Executive Consultant/ Trainer
Lesli Dullum Tutterrow is president of The Wellspring Company, a coaching-counseling consultancy focused on individual and organizational wellbeing, leadership, and cultural transformation. Lesli founded LiveWellKitsap.com, a website supporting community health and wellbeing. She is a Certified Counselor in Washington State with a part-time counseling practice in Silverdale. Additionally, Lesli is a licensed massage therapist, certified brain health coach, and Gallup Strengths Coach.

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