Speak My Language Please!


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https://www.etsy.com/shop/TinyBookBIGQuestions There is a difference between managing our outward behavior and managing our inward emotions, and both affect our signature expression (i.e. soul). While cognitive behavioral therapies (and religion) help provide a set of rules to guide our actions, it is spirituality that offers ways to manage our emotions internally. Those who combine the language and practice of each, are more likely to achieve some form of balance in their lives. But this language is foreign to many of us. This is rooted in the conflict between science and spirituality — between facts and emotional ways to explain the world. The problem is as old as human thought itself. Kant distinguished between theoretical reason (science) and practical reason (morality) and noted that such conflict is rooted in the brain. One tends to suppress the other and humans come to favor one mode of thinking over the other. Tune in as Irma Francis and I discuss how dialogue and language can ‘meet you where you are’ but you have to pose a quality question for this to happen.

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