23: Lucia Liu // Speak Your Truth


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Lucia Liu is the Founder & CEO of Rock The Boat, a podcast and community organization focused on Asians who challenge the status quo. She has interviewed prominent guests such as Andrew Yang, Adele Lim (screenwriter of CRA), Kevin Lin (Cofounder of Twitch and Gold House), and many more.

While Lucia currently rocks a 9 to 5 in the financial services sector, she was once a full fledged chocolatier with her own premium brand of yummy treats called Lululosophy.

Tune in to understand why it's important to embrace discomfort in order to grow, and to learn about the power in being an underdog. Lucia and I connect on the importance of AAPI representation, and she even shares some amazing tips on how you can kick start your own dreams of being a podcaster.

Head over to https://www.gorocktheboat.com/ to check out Lucia's pod and learn about her community.

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