22: Michelle Lee // Redefining Beauty


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Michelle Lee is the powerhouse Editor-in-Chief of Allure—an iconic magazine that in 2021, celebrated its 30th birthday. Since taking on her position, Michelle has eliminated the term anti-aging from the magazine’s vocabulary and has redefined beauty through the lens of diversity. In one single issue, Michelle broke the record for the number of American American faces that have graced the cover of Allure since its inception.

She’s incredibly thoughtful and intentional in the direction she’s taking the magazine, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that as someone who didn’t grow up seeing myself reflected in media.

Tune in to understand why Michelle feels like your uniqueness is an asset, and how to find the confidence to be exactly who you are. We connect on the importance of self-promotion, and of course, I had to ask Michelle about her holy grail beauty products.

Head over to https://www.allure.com/ to learn about and support this culture shaping publication.

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