13: The Ultimate Side Hustler w/ Megan Ruan


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Season 2 is officially here! It feels really darn good to get back in the groove of playing editor, graphic designer, and social media manager, all the while bringing you 13 more amazing conversations with phenomenal women who make it a point to kick butt, and shatter the cultural mold.

I am a small but mighty team of one in this wonderous podcasting operation. It's not easy. Okay I'll say it—it's a full on black hole of time and energy. Perhaps that's why I so wholeheartedly love and admire others who decide to take on full blown side gigs, and no one does that quite like Megan Ruan.

Megan is an investor at The Johnson Company by day, and the Co-Director of Gold Rush by night.

In this season premiere episode of Conversations with HUR, Megan drops some real gems about how she's able to wear multiple hats without burning out, and why community is a key thread-through for personal, as well as professional success.

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