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For the 79th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we’re asking each other 4 random, surprise questions. That’s right. Colin created 4 surprise health IT questions for John and John created 4 random health IT questions for Colin. Neither knew what the other was going to ask before they asked it. Enjoy this totally unscripted episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast.

Here’s a preview of the questions we discuss in this episode:

  • Colin for John – In 2022, what is going to screw up healthcare the most other than COVID?
  • John for Colin – If you could change one thing about healthcare IT, what would you change?
  • John for Colin – What 3 health IT companies would you like to work at if you weren’t working at Healthcare Scene and why?
  • Colin for John – What are the 3 companies that are going to make the biggest impact on patients in 2022?
  • Colin for John – What are some of the things in health IT that you feel are completely overrated?
  • John for Colin – If you had a time machine and could change one thing about the trajectory of your career, what would you change?
  • Colin for John – What are some of the things you don’t like about conferences?
  • John for Colin – What’s the best health IT conference experience you’ve ever had?

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the Healthcare IT Today podcast.

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