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Healing with Aloha Podcast

Host Deslynn Jaquias

Katty Douraghy shares how loss of loved ones prompted her write which became her memoir called "The Butterfly Years: A Journey Through Grief Toward Hope." Discuss tools in dealing with grief. Have hope that there is a fundamental belief that tomorrow will be better not knowing how. Believing that we have the capacity to make things better. We will stumble and fall. Be kind to ourselves to activate hope.

Katty Douraghy is an entrepreneur, author, and facilitator. Her memoir, The Butterfly Years: A Journey Through Grief Toward Hope, details her personal journey through grief. Katty hopes to inspire others to work through their grief and find on the other side. She is also the President of Artisan Creative, a staffing and recruiting agency focused on digital, creative, and marketing talent and based in Los Angeles.

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