IQ-62: 5 Reasons Something *Negative* Can Come Into Your Life


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A lot of people are really struggling right now. It can seem that everything seems too difficult or impossible, but what if you held the power within to shift and create a more harmonious life? You won't want to miss this week's IQ podcast episode as Brandy reveals five reasons something negative can come into your life. Some of these reasons might surprise you.

With any unfavorable situation, we have many options. We can get upset, angry, etc., or we can take note of what we need to shift or change. Is it a pattern, a "distraction," or a combination of these things?

Listen as Brandy shares powerful insights to help you shift and transform your life and become more in alignment with all that you desire. This powerful podcast episode can help change the way you think about some of the struggles you might be facing right now and provide guidance on how to move through them in a more empowered way. Don't miss it!

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