036 - Marek Andryszak: Hospitality Series - Adapt, Reboot, Restart


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#HTHospitalitySeries - We start a series of interviews with leading figures in the Hospitality and Travel Industry. Covid has had a devastating effect across the board and in particular in this sector. We hear directly from the CSuites of well know organisation and brands about then and now. An enlightening series of interviews and hope you enjoy.

#HeadsTalk - The first is with @Marek Andryszak, CEO of TUI Germany. We get a picture of what was going on in the boardroom and what was being prioritised. Marek also enlighten us to some of the challenges ahead for the industry as well as where one needs to be to position yourself as a leader in this sector. Fascinating series that has been kickoff spectacularly by Marek. A very riveting episode and you get a taste of some of the dialogue to come in the different supply chain of this sector.

Topics Covers: #CrisisManagement #CustomerPriorities #MassIndividualisation #CovidInsurance

Episode Title -🇩🇪Hospitality Series: TUI - Adapt, Reboot, Restart🇩🇪

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