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In this episode of Anabolic Radio, I had the pleasure of chatting to Alan Aragon. If you are unfamiliar with Alan... You're probably a young lad/girl, so you should make it a point to become more familiarized with his work as he is a pioneer for many of the evidence-based nutrition recommendations we have today.
Just like any topic, there may be some truth in simple statements. However, the reality is generalizations and oversimplifications can often leave critical details out of the picture.
Think about it as the pictures on the wall of your home. It starts with a house, then you get furniture, power, and water, and once all that’s said and done- now, you can think about some pictures to hang. Until you have the foundation set, getting caught up on the details will only cause more stress than is needed.⁣
Tune in to the full episode Where we chat about foundations of nutrition all the way to optimizing the ’small’ details.
02:30 Intro
03:10 Parroting and the importance of context
06:40 Body Recomposition
10:30 Recomp. Is a Spectrum
13:13 Recomp. in Advanced trainees
17:30 Protein
19:00 Protein Overfeeding
27:00 Protein Turnover (Timing)
35:00 Peri-workout nutrition
44:00 Plant-based nutrition considerations
52:00 Change within the industry
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