Jeff Bezos' Cinderella (feat. Pierce Dad)


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IT'S DAD MONTH, Y'ALL! We're kicking things off with a listener request featuring our very good dad Pierce once again just absolutely thriving in the campiest dad roles of our generation. And while we can't agree that anyone was clamoring for Jeff Bezos' Cinderella, we ARE clamoring for Pierce Dad's Oscar for this role. We've got lots of thoughts about what injustice Bezos has inflicted on us this time, like using his space technology to create CGI mice, subjecting us to an hours-long montage to Let's Get Loud, and letting James Corden do dick jokes. After we spend roughly an hour questioning WHO IS THIS FOR? we have some fun new segments like creating Mamma Mia board games, the Sam Heughan James Bond Google Alerts Temperature Check™️, and forgetting to tell you about Dad Month until the last minute of the show. Stay tuned for the next installment of Dad Month: Billboard Dad!

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