Ep. 027: 2021 Predictions: How did we do mid-year?


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We made industry predictions in early January for the year 2021. Here we check ourselves and wreck ourselves.
--- Panel ---
Harry is joined by Jenn Litz-Kirk and the ghost of Jordan
---Time-Stamped Contents ---
00:00 Intro - Checking in on 2021 predictions.
03:20 Jenn threatens to get an air horn.
05:20 Is Bill a can collector?
05:50 Harry is white
06:20 Gotta front merch to pay for the trike. (he says bike).
06:20 Jenn has ideas.
07:00 We miss Jordan
07:30 We do it for the children
10:50 Harry isn't so sure the Bide Admin stuff isn't BS.
11:30 Harry thinks feds will go after distrib tier.
12:25 Low cal, low alc will prevail.
12:50 MolsonCoors' ZOA taking off.
14:40 Chanel Gulf Coast joins.
15:00 Back to predictions: On-Premise.
15:30 H0t Girl Summer is sizzling.
15:45 Micro-dosing is in.
16:30 Back to predictions: Cannabis not as big, or maybe bigger, than we think.
16:45 Illegal Speakeasies, Harry disagrees with Jordan's assessment, but is likely wrong anyway.
17:10 Brands with favorable image and intrinsics will continue to -----WTF? Who wrote this? Oh...
18:30 Shoutout to the Bud Ice brand manager. Harry is watching you.
19:00 Keeping predictions vague means keeping them accurate.
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