Minding our workforce: the importance of noncognitive skills in employment


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In today’s rapidly changing economy, noncognitive skills development is the key to building a flexible, resilient, and strong workforce for today and in the future. Such skills include communication, integrity, and organization. They are in top demand by employers today, and uncovering how to develop them is an essential workforce policy area.

This episode of "Hardly Working" is a rebroadcast of an AEI event on noncognitive skills this past summer. The event served as a follow-up to AEI’s recently released edited volume “Minding our workforce: The role of noncognitive skills in career success.” This is part I of a two-part podcast series of this event. Stay tuned for part II. Part I features several of the contributing authors to the volume, including Albert Cheng of the University of Arkansas and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach of Northwestern University.

In part II, you will hear from Harry J. Holzer of Georgetown University and Elisabeth Babcock of Economic Mobility Pathways.

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