Yuri Sinata - Single Mom influencer, From £500 in her pocket to Successful business woman


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Yuri Sinata - Single Mom influencer, From £500 in her pocket to Successful businesswoman

Yuri shares her amazing story of strength and the ability to persevere, she managed to overcome and flee Indonesia as a 'runaway bride' to the USA with only £500 in her pocket. She has a successful business and is thriving as a single mother.

Yuri Sonata is a single mom who does it all — and shows it all off on Instagram. She’s a hairstylist, makeup artist, cooking enthusiast and an amazing full-time mom. Between running her full-service salon — Palette Salon Studios in South Pasadena, California and cooking and sharing her recipes at @cookwithyuri, she still finds time to hang out with her favourite person in the world: her adorable son.

Whether you’re dealing with a fussy baby or an exuberant toddler, you know you probably only have minutes to put on makeup before you have your hands full with the kids. Being a busy mom means you don’t have the luxury of time to get ready for the day, which is why we tapped LA-based hair and makeup artist and founder of Palette Salon Studios, Yuri Sonata (@yurisinata), for her tips on a quick and effortless mom makeup look.

Here are the questions I asked her on the podcast !!

1. Tell me about your single mom's story?

2. How is it being a model and having a child, how do you time manage?

3. You have a successful business how did you start and what advice would you have for another woman who wants to go into beauty?

4. Tell us a little bit about your passion for cooking?

5. How is it being a boy mom?

6. What is one piece of advice you wish you knew earlier for being a single mom?

7. Where can people find you on social media

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