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Wonder Kids Yoga

Discover our online platform of Kid’s Yoga & meditation classes 💻

By Certified Kid’s Yoga Instructors

Why Kids Yoga?

There are so many benefits of yoga & meditation for kids. From body awareness to stress release, the list is actually really long (see below). Our wonder teachers will show you how to engage your child in the practice of yoga, breathing and meditation, embedding this important practice as frequently as brushing their teeth!

Our teachers at Wonder introduce Kids of all ages to the benefits of yoga & mindfulness in a way that kids simply love. Kids yoga is imaginative, silly and active. And yes kids can meditate too. There are incredible techniques that allow children to feel grounded & still.​

So come join us on our mat and see what Wonder Kids Yoga is manifesting!

Benefits of Yoga
  • Reduces anxiety and provides stress relief
  • Boosts body awareness, strength, endurance
  • Refines balance and gross/fine motor skills
  • Increases confidence and positive self-image
  • Improves academic performance & classroom behaviour
  • Improves concentration, focus and memory
  • Improves symptoms of ADHD
  • Promotes disconnection from technology
  • Provides tools for practising compassion, gratitude and generosity

Here are some of the questions i asked Britney Compton

  1. Tell the audience about yourself and your platform?
  2. Why is yoga and meditation important for children and adults?
  3. What are the benefits of yoga, especially for children?
  4. Tell us about the 5 tips of how to teach kids how to meditate?
  5. How do we make mediation good habits for children?
  6. What are the best tips for breathing when kids have big emotions?
  7. Why are daily affirmations important for children?

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