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So this is a simple way to show why you need a phone based business or “side hustle” as many may call it!

It’s like a pipeline…or an assembly line..

1️⃣ You start at the front and generate active income (trade time for money) from your job.

2️⃣ You take a percentage of that income to start and keep your phone based biz moving into profit.

3️⃣ To take some of the profits you earn from your side hustle and use it to invest in “money making money” investments like real estate, forex, crypto, nft’s, and others like that…

If done strategically, should pay you residuals in the form of passive income (money you don’t work for) that covers your living expenses such that now you can quit your job…

🗣 If I can get you to truly get you to understand this…then more of you would be starting “low barrier to entry” side hustles like crazy!!

To believe you do not have time or money for something that should literally give you your time back and generate you more money is thought process that was taught by our very well intending, but broke-minded elders.

To break the financial curse. You do not need to depend on or turn to the government.

Turn to YOU…your new level of financial understanding, and your ability to see opportunity…

And THAT will help you move more confidently down the path of financial freedom!!

Now here’s the real juice…

When you finally get this…you can teach your children how to be free as well! 🎉

Breaking the curse starts with you!


Here are some of the Questions I asked in the Interview

  1. How have you managed to get strength as a single mother?
  2. What is the one way you help single moms gain a side hustle?
  3. How did you become an ambitious single mom?
  4. Why do you think single moms find it hard to multitask?
  5. What skills set do you need to succeed in business? Where can you start as a single mother?
  6. Is it still possible to make 7 figures as a single mum?

If you’re a single-mom looking to take control of your own finances and earn at least an extra $200/day right from your phone…

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